Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Funky

it's been over a week since i've posted anything and to be quite honest, i'm just in a funk...yes, a blog funk. i really don't have much to say. about anything. hmmmm. fumbling here. trying to figure out what to type next.

graham is saying "Duck" all of the time now. Mimi taught him that while we were in Texarkana over the 4th of July weekend. it's so cute. he hasn't quite mastered the last "K" sound but it's still precious. but what isn't just precious about this little boy? even when he wants to headbutt me, or poke me in the eye, or slap me on the cheek. it's still all precious.

he will be moving to the bigger class at his daycare on monday. i thought that was going to be a good thing since he will be the youngest and won't be bulldozing over all of the other babes. but i think i'm gonna be wrong about that. i went to visit with his new teachers and i took one look at all of the babies and well, he's still pretty much going to be the biggest kid in class even though he will be the youngest.

what else?

I'm in the process of planning graham's birthday party and i'm getting so excited!!! it's going to be so cute! we were going to go with the "firefighter" theme but decided to do that when he is a little older and maybe we can have a firetruck come to the house. so now we are going with the alphabet zoo theme. We decided to do the zoo/animal theme because we LOVEEEEEEEEE going to the zoo. we went all of the time when I was pregnant and graham has already been NUMEROUS times in his 10.5 months here with us. so it just seemed fitting. marie at autumn's creek created graham's invitations and they are so AMAZING!! she left me speechless and in TEARS!! she is so good!! She is so laid back and easy to work with...I HIGHLY recommend her for all of your custom card needs. She did Graham's birth announcements and also our holiday cards.

I'm not going to post his invitations yet. I will do so after I receive them and send them out. BUT if you are itching to see them, you can go to her blog. it's so much fun to plan his party but so stressful too because i want everything to be absolutely perfect!!
well, i guess i did have quite a bit to say.


marie said...

thank you stephanie - you make it easy because you are so easy to work for :)

cant wait to see pics from grahams party!

Anonymous said...

i'm in a blog funk too. i just feel boring!