Tuesday, July 7, 2009

our weekend and the 4th of july

last thursday, graham and i left for texarkana to stay with mimi and poppi for the weekend. we always love going to mimi's and being out in the country. friday mimi, graham and i went shopping at tjmaxx, kohl's, old navy, sam's and wal-mart. we met poppi at lunch at ruby tuesday's too. graham did so good throughout all of the shopping. he sat so well in the shopping cart and just rode around and had to touch everything. but at least he wasn't screaming.

trying out a mushroom

one of my favorite things about mimi's is all of the wildlife that roams around their property. I am a huge tomboy and i love playing with bugs, mud, frogs, etc. I just love getting dirty. with that said, my favorite memories growing up consists of playing outside and finding lizards, frogs, worms, (no snakes or spider...eick) any kind of furry animal, just pretty much anything that was alive and I could play with. Well, Poppi found some baby rabbits and I was so excited!! They let me pet them and I tried to pick them up but those lil suckers are wiggly and fast. They weren't very old and we think that their momma had them in mimi & poppi's garden cause that is where they hung out a lot.

can you find the bunnies?
We had a pretty relaxing and low-key 4th of July. Poppi's family cooked out with us and Poppi bought a big display of fireworks. I tried to take pictures but my Nikon didn't want to take night pictures. I think I need to sit down and read the manual and figure out how to use that dang thing.

Graham wasn't too thrilled about the loud bangs that came from the fireworks. he kept trying to crawl up my neck, poor baby. i wish i would have taken more pictures. but i didn't. i was too busy trying to keep up with my child.

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