Monday, July 20, 2009

haircut? is it time?

what do you think? mimi and i think so. daddy is on the fence. these pictures were taken about a week and a half ago and now his bangs are almost to his eyebrows. it's OUT OF CONTROL!!! but i've always heard to wait til he is a year old. isn't that just some myth or something? or maybe a superstition? it's just long ALL OVER. it's growing like crazy. it's starting to look like an afro.

what are your opinions of the "waiting til a year" thing?

should we go ahead and get him a lil trim?


MELISSA said...

i don't have any kiddos, but i think it would be fine to go ahead and give him a trim if he needs one.

also, i LOVE your paint color in these pics!

marie said...

i always waited the year, even with the boys.

however, nothing bad is going to happen i you don't wait. he wont be seeing a therapist in 20 years saying, "it all started when my mom cut my hair before i was one . . '


be prepared though, he will seem to age like an entire year with a hair cut. something about the first hair cut makes them look more like toddlers and less like the babies we want them to stay :)

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

it is up to you. i have been on mullet patrol with calleigh, but so far we are good. i have heard that once they get that first hair cut, they look too grown up and it can be sad. ;-)

Lucy said...

Andrew's haircut was before a year. But I have to agree with Melissa - I love that green paint color!