Tuesday, July 21, 2009

moving on up

yesterday was graham's first day in the bigger kids' classroom at daycare. all of the babies (i guess i shouldn't call them babies anymore because 80% of the 'babies' are walking and running everywhere and well, that just doesn't seem baby-ish to me)...dang it. now I lost my train of thought. i don't even know where i was going with that now. hmmm. well, most of the kiddos in that class are girls. i sure hope graham acts like a gentleman at all times. he does love to pull hair though.

he no longer eats baby food. :( makes me sad. number one, because it means he is growing up and number two, we have a TON of baby food left so what in the world do I do with it??? Yesterday for breakfast they gave him a chewy cereal bar. for lunch he had meatballs, pineapple and green beans. and then he had nilla wafers for a snack. i really just want to plop my big bootie on the floor and pitch a fit because i don't want my baby to grow up so fast. he won't even take more than one nap a day anymore. *sigh* *big ole frown* *tears welling up in eyes* this past weekend, I started to incorporate whole milk in his bottles with his formula. his middle bottle, i put just whole milk in it. he seems to be digesting it really well. looks like we may just quit his formula all together pretty soon. now I just need to work on him drinking it from his sippy cup. i think he thinks that sippy cups are just for juice and water because when I try to put his milk in there, he gets pretty upset with me.

graham has started to throw fits when he doesn't get his way. he will lay his head on the floor and gently bang it or he will rub his forehead across the floor. poor thing had carpet burns on his head when I picked him up from school yesterday. he does that if he is tired too. i don't know where in the world he learned that.

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Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

they do grow up so fast. i am right there with you...my mom said that cal may like the comfort of the bottle so i am not changing it yet...so that may be the case with graham he just needs the comfort of sucking. such a big boy...i have a little bit longer before she moves up to another classroom...
back to work for me...haha!