Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dear graham

every weekday morning, your daddy and i wake up at 6am to get ready for work. your wake up time is at 6:30am and i always rush in there as soon as 630 rolls around because i want to get to you before your daddy does. most of the time you are already up because you have an internal alarm clock. mommy is NOT a morning person WHAT.SO.EVER. but you are. you always wake up with a big smile on your face and when i come to get you, if you are standing up you start bouncing up and down. if you are sitting down you start rocking back and forth in sheer excitement. it just makes my heart flutter when you get so excited to see me. and it makes me want to just squeeze those plump chubby cheeks so hard. but i restrain myself because 1.) it would hurt you and 2.) it would make your poor eczema flair up. aren't you glad that mommy is so considerate?

you started saying maaaaa. FINALLY! after months of saying dada dada dada dada over and over and over and totally taunting me, you finally called out for maaaaa. it was music to my ears. maybe i have already blogged about this. if not, good. if so, sorry. sometimes my repeat button gets pushed...more so now since my thyroid has my memory ALL out of whack.

you are a rough and tough little boy. the first week at your new daycare, your morning teacher ms. jennifer asked me if we wrestled with you at home. we don't. but she said that you like to pin the babies down like you are in a wrestling match with them and in general, you just play aggresively. i just couldn't believe it. i mean, we have seen you pin your singing puppy down but we never thought anything about it. we have seen you play with other babies before and never have we seen you be rough. and this started to worry me. i stressed and stressed and stressed about it and lost many nights of sleep because i was so worried that you were the classroom bully and tryin to figure out why in the world you are acting this way. i finally just let it go and just thought that maybe she was just overreacting. you are a baby. you are growing and developing and you are ALL BOY. well, this past sunday we stopped in Hope to see our friends, Tabatha and Tal. their son Brady is 15 months old. so i put you down so you could play on the floor with brady. we weren't even there for 5 minutes and you were already on top of him and grabbing/smacking at his face and made the poor thing cry. after that, he was afraid to play with you. graham. graham. graham. it's not that you are doing it in a mean way. you get so excited and throw yourself on top of the babies and then you flail your arms in the air and bring them down with some serious force. you do it to mommy too. and daddy. i hope that as you grow, you will become a lot lighter with your movements. because you are a bull. a big, heavy bull. not a bully though. never.

you give me big hugs around my neck. big hugs. BIGGGGGGG HUGS. I want you to know how awesome it makes mommy feel knowing that you love me. that you need me. that you want me. gosh darn it, i love you child.

thank you for making mommy and daddy's life complete.


jill said...

LOVE this one! how precious! and about him saying dada first ... don't worry. they all say that one first because it's EASIER. ha!

marie said...

it just keeps getting better steph - what a wonderfull way to document grahams world. having these posts will be such a blessing for him and Oh My - he willbe ONE soon?

whatever you decide on the theme, you know i will custom make something for you :)