Saturday, October 3, 2009

family day

tuesday chad was off of work so i decided to take off too and we went to eat lunch at cheeburger cheeburger, got graham's hair cut again at pigtails and crewcuts and then went to the zoo. we had a blast even though graham was a lil crabby all day. we thought it was because he has his 6th tooth coming in but it was probably because he was getting sick and feeling bad. :(


Melissa said...

he looks like such a big boy... i love those pics of him and daddy from the side. priceless!

Kristi said...

too cute! looks like yall had an enjoyable day!!

Amy, David and Caroline said...

you HAVE to frame the ones of Graham and Chad from the side, AMAZING pics. Does Graham like his backpack leash thing?? I have been tempted to get Caroline one but wasnt sure if it would just get put away like every other gadget i buy.