Sunday, October 18, 2009

will we ever be well???

so....graham has a tummy bug...AGAIN. or we think it's a tummy bug...pretty sure it probably is a mild one. this poor lil boy has been through the ringer and back when it comes to being sick. and when graham gets sick, mommy gets sick. i don't even know where to start or where i am even going with the blog post besides to say that i'm tired of germs and tired of my baby being sick.

friday morning, we woke up to find graham in his crib sleeping in his vomit. and it was all over his crib, all over his floor. oh, it was a mess. but he seemed fine. no fever. was happy as a lark. he didn't throw up any all day. and then friday night as i was feeding dinner, he projectile vomited everywhere. but he never acted like he felt bad. again, happy as can be. running around and playing, laughing, being silly. he just threw up and was good.

he slept well all night and was great when he woke up saturday morning. so we decided to head out to the state fair for some fresh air (and a couple of turkey well as cotton candy, funnel cake, homemade lemonade). graham did great!! he was excited about the fair and was so happy even though he did want out of his stroller at some point but we made him stay in for the most part...i was being a bit of a germophobe. we did let him pet a goat...but the sanitizing queen or witch, perhaps, was right there with my Wet Ones.

and then we got home and fed him lunch. and he started grunting super loud and then the butt volcano erupted. oh, it was bad. poor guy. and it's now sunday evening, and he has had two more explosive diapers since. make that three. chad just walked in here to inform me that he had another big one.

oh and let me just say that i have been TERRIBLY nauseated since last sunday. driving home from texarkana was the most miserable ride EVER. i layed in the third row and thought i was DYING. thank goodness i never vomited but i have felt the same ALL WEEK!!! I don't know if i got the tummy bug while in texarkana or what. i didn't know if it had anything to do with my cold either...i was afraid i was getting the flu. but we certainly know that I AM NOT PREGNANT. :) I feel a lil better now but last week was pretty darn miserable.

i just want all of us to be well again...i miss it. and will NEVER EVER take it for granted.


Meredith Woodruff said...

I hope you all get well soon! That is NOT fun:(! I had the stomach bug last weekend while I was at my parents lakehouse in Hot Springs. I woke up at 4:30am throwing up and then had to drive myself and Cole home that morning so I could get back for work the next day! It was the most miserable 3 hour drive home EVER!

jill said...

yuck!!!! poor neiplings! saying prayers for everybody to be well soon!