Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lil update on all of the sickliness

we ended up taking graham off of the tamiflu on day 3. his rash wasn't clearing up at all after combining it with benedryl. thankfully the tamiflu worked so quick but i hated not being able to finish the five day dosage. mimi came up from texarkana to help us out. mimi's are so awesome!! she stayed sunday night - wednesday evening. by wednesday evening, graham was doing great and could go back to school thursday. but i started feeling sick wednesday so i had to go to the dr. thursday morning. dr. did a nasal swab which felt like he was pulling my brain out from my nose. terrible. and it was negative. whew. just a viral cold. it's now tuesday and i still don't feel that wonderful. one day i feel like i'm better and then the next day, i'll feel horrible again. bleh.

this past weekend was my 10 year class reunion in texarkana. geez. i feel old. more on that in a future post.

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