Saturday, October 3, 2009

evil strikes... the form of the flu. and yes, the dr. said he THINKS it's the swine flu since it was tested as type A. and this is all happening to our poor lil graham. i took him to the dr. thursday morning because he ran up to a 104 fever all night and was just not acting like he usually does and you can certainly tell by the above picture. graham is usually going 90 to nothing til he crashes in bed and does NOT sit still so we knew something wasn't right.
by the time we got to the dr, his fever was already down to around 100 so i thought it may have just been a little bug but then doc said he wanted to do the flu test. i was thinking to myself, you have GOT to be kidding me. no WAY it's the flu. no way on earth. so off to the lab we went for the good ol nasal swab...that came back positive. so off we went to walgreens for tamiflu which worked REALLY fast. by thursday evening, graham was getting back to his old self...attitude and all. but then saturday morning i found him covered from head to toe in a horrible rash. called the doctor and they said he is having an allergic reaction but we can't stop the tamiflu. we just have to give him benedryl 30 minutes before the tamiflu. so here's hoping for a super speedy recovery and that chad and i don't get it.

thank you for all of your prayers!! please don't stop!

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jill said...

still praying! hope today is a good one at your house!!!