Friday, May 29, 2009

Future Rugby Player???

So. If you have been reading our blog from the beginning, I may have mentioned a few times that Chad LOVES Rugby. He played in college and is now playing for the Little Rock Rugby Club again. I think he may just love rugby more than he loves me. We pay an extra 15.00 a month just for ONE channel that shows nothing BUT rugby. All of the time, I hear rugby this, rugby that, rugby blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong. It's a fun sport to watch that is for sure. I mean, what isn't fun about watching a bunch of sweaty in shape men tackling each other without pads and stomping each other with their spiked cleats?? It's entertaining. My husband has me loving a point. I can only take so much. The cauliflower ear I can do without though. that is just disgusting. and when it pops, OH.MY.LAWD.

I won't post a picture of what it looks like when it pops. because it will make you sick to your stomach. or maybe not. maybe some of you are freaks and like that kind of stuff. lol. i, however, have a weak belly. my mom knew me too well when she talked me out of nursing school.

okay, so anyway. Chad is constantly saying how graham is going to play rugby and be a star and yada yada yada. I'm thinking to myself, there is no way in HELL I am going to let someone tackle MY son. I dare them. over my dead body. i will "junk punch" anyone that messes with my baby.

Well, apparently, Graham is already practicing.

This morning when I dropped Graham off at daycare, his teacher Ms. Tracy asked me if graham and chad wrestled at home. No, they sure don't. We never even play rough with Graham EVER but we have noticed him tackling his Learning Dog a few times. well, not only is he tackling his doggie, he is tackling the other babies at daycare too. But mainly, the biggest baby of them all, Micheal. Now, Mikey is not your average baby. This child WILL be a football star. He's huge. not fat. but TALL and STOUT. He is off of the charts! And because he is so big, he doesn't get around by himself very well. Ms. Tracy said that Graham will watch Mikey as he sits there playing with his toys and just lunge towards Mikey and takes him down. and sometimes he headbutts too. I'm not quite sure what in the world my child is trying to prove. guess graham watches wayyyy too much Rugby with daddy.

We have created a monster. He is all boy and ALL DADDY.

Future Rugby Player?? I sure hope not but it looks like it may just be inevitable.


jill said...

watch out for g! at least he's not a biter. sophie comes home with teeth indentions all.the.time. and that ear! ick ick ick!!!!

Holli said...

Ha ha! That ear was disgusting!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

hahah!!! yeah M is gonna be in some sports! he is a huge!!
cauliflower ear is not cool! be careful and he really should wear protection on his ears. i am just saying...:-)