Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates...but Sadly, No Pictures

This exhausted family no longer has baggy saggy eyes!!! YAY!!! We all got much needed rest last night and it was sooo nice...actually I didn't sleep as HARD as I would have like to but I just have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night to check up on Graham. So I guess I never really get a full night of sleep uninterrupted. But at least I was only up for minutes at a time (compared to hours) and then was right back to sleep. Graham was soooo exhausted. He slept most of the day yesterday as well. He was making up for lost time. I could just tell in his eyes yesterday morning that he was exhausted and not feeling well. But this morning he had HAPPY EYES!!! Okay, and let me just be honest, Chad said he didn't really sleep well last night. Yesterday evening, he started telling me that he wasn't feeling well again...he's feeling like he felt when that dumb doctor that he went to said he had rotavirus. But he's calling GIL FOSTER (the dr. that I told him to go to in the first place but instead they made him see some lady doctor there that apparently has no idea what she's talking about...where did she get her MD anyway) to get an appt with him for tomorrow at 4pm. So let me just rephrase. hmmmm...GRAHAM GOT SOME GOOD SLEEP LAST NIGHT. I got good sleep when I did sleep. and Chad did not. so it is chad that still has the saggy baggy eyes. but still so handsome. :)

So...(I say So a lot and this annoys me)....SOOOOOOOOO.....Last night, we were playing on the floor in Graham's room and he LOVES getting on his hands and knees now and rocking back and forth. LOVES IT. LIVES FOR IT. Okay, I'm going overboard but yes, he seems to fancy it quite SO. Yes, I just had to throw that SO in there. he's getting the hang of crawling backwards and is trying SOOOOO hard to go forward. Chad and I were getting so stinkin excited! But then when I would get excited, he would position himself back on his hiney and just look at me and I had to stop outwardly expressing my excitement so he would keep on trying.

Graham is giving "kisses" now too! :) He learns quick. I tell him to "give me kisses" and he pokes his lips out! It's the best!! Mommy can NEVER get enough kisses.

Challenge Update: As of this morning, I have lost 4 pounds which doesn't seem like a whole lot to me but I can definitely tell that my clothes are fitting so much better. I'm also getting my ab definition back and LOVE IT!! Chad even said yesterday morning that they are looking great! Chad used to be a personal trainer so I love it when we can both get out in the garage/gym and he can work me out (that doesn't sound nice). He has had me doing these "jack knives" for my abs and it's my favorite!!! But my biggest problem areas are my arms and thighs. Boy, do I have some big ol' thighs on me! But I'm working on it people.
I'm meeting Tanna aka "the beast" (she started the challenge and lives in the Dallas area) for lunch on Friday and I cannot wait!!! I am going to give her a HUGE HUG!!! I would give her a big kiss too but she may find that a lil weird. ha! I hope that a lot of the other "beauties" that are in the LR area will be able to meet up with us too!

If you are in the LR area, what church do you attend??

We have tried several different churches now and just haven't found a church that we felt was THE ONE. We are going to try Fellowship on Sunday but for some reason, BIG HUGE churches intimidate me. I don't know why. I think it's sort of a phobia. But I want Graham to grow up in a good church. Chad and I weren't raised in families that regularly attended church. We had to do it on our own. I grew up and was baptised at Beech Street Baptist Church in Texarkana. Those were some of the best times of my life. Doug Porter was the best youth minister EVER and when he left, I was devastated and heartbroken. I miss having a church family. Please send suggestions!! :)

Well, I'm on company time so I better get back to planning this conference. I will be soooo happy when June 2nd gets here. Then I can breathe and not stress so much about it. Do you know how hard it is to plan a conference for over 600 people including legislators and the Governor??? not an easy task but I do enjoy doing it as tedious as it may be. I'm chatty Patty (or is it chatty Kathy?) today, can you tell? Must have been the Diet Coke that I had at lunch. I was going to order a water but Jenn ordered a Diet Coke and well, I just couldn't resist. Plus I had already drank 3 bottles of water so why not?? Oh, I also used another cheat today (that's four in all...and two within 4 days!!) when we ate at Canon Grill. I love their beef nachos. But I have some SERIOUS indigestion now. Okay, NOW I am outta here.


~Bekah said...

aww i remember Doug Porter. He's on Facebook and Haley and Douglas are SOOOO grown up! You should find him... he has GREY HAIR! HAHA.. it's hilarious but he still looks the same otherwise! I miss them and i was in 7th or 8th grade when they left so i was devastated too b/c i wanted to be in the youth group soo bad and then when it was my turn, he left and it all went south from there :(... aww memories....maybe not so good but remembering Doug and his family, PRICELESS!

Amanda Holley said...

Congratulations on the challenge! I started yesterday (again) and walked maybe a mile and I'm soooo sore. My arms are my problem, too. I put on two different tops tonight and they both cut off my circulation. Any suggestions are welcome! And I'm having the same trouble with finding a church here. Russell's family goes to First Baptist Moores Lane, but like you, I'm intimidated. Guess I've been chatty, too!

MELISSA said...

yay for sleep and for losing 4 pounds!!!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Hi, I found your blog a couple weeks ago and have been reading it, too. I think our boys are about the same age, so I look for any help I can get! Ear infections are the worst, huh?!?! Poor Graham, sounds like he's on the up and up.
I did see where you were talking about looking for a church and I would DEFINITELY reccomend Fellowship. I've gone there my whole life and we even drive in now from Bryant because we like it so much. It is a big church, but there are so many different venues ... The Edge (very contemporary music), The Chapel (very traditional music), The Worship Center (a mix of both) but they all see the same sermon, which is live in the Worship Center and then shown on the video screen in the other venues. You might also think about Moms 'n More in the fall and spring. It's a great outlet on Tuesdays from 9-11:30 and women eat it up! You don't have to go to FBC to attend, but do sign up quick bc childcare fills up fast!
OK, that's all, sorry for my novel of a post.
Hope Graham has a better day!

Burton's Blessings said...

Have you tried New Life Church. It is big too, but the pastor is wonderful! If we lived in LR we would definately go there.

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

WE go to the summit church, but have heard good things about new life church too. we started out at fbc when we first moved here over a year ago and loved it, but found the size overwhelming and hard to plug in. unless you know someone who can pull you in, it is really hard. those are just my thoughts though. i don't know about you, but i struggle wanting to do things like moms n more, but find it hard when i work FT. my time at home is the only time i have with my girl. i miss our church in south dakota. it was a great mix of people and even though it was considered big, it was easy to meet people. i can't go to lunch tomorrow b/c of work stuff. but have fun. tanna is so cute-we went to college together.

The Wertz Family said...

I have heard that Summit is good and that New Life is good. There are two New Life's I believe, one in Maumelle and one in Conway. We go to Second Baptist in Jacksonville and Love Love Love it, but that would probably be a drive for you.