Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our first....

...ear infection. :( The last two nights, Graham has been up all night long screaming bloody murder. I thought that it might be his teeth because he still doesn't have any yet and thought that it might be time...I also thought it was his teeth because he had a fever and a slight diaper rash (several friends and family members have told me these are tell tell signs). But then last night he screamed his head off again and cried and cried and cried. Graham hardly EVER cries and he ALWAYS sleeps all night. Plus he started to refuse his bottle...BIG SIGN THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. The beast NEVER refuses food. I thought that it may be an ear infection since he only cries when he is laying down flat. and so I called Dr. O'Neill this morning and took him in and sure enough. left ear infection. We have him on a 10 day round of antibiotics. I sure hope this doesn't become a trend. I don't want him to have to get tubes. No fun. Other than screaming at night, he has been fine though. Just as happy as he always is and playing and laughing and smiling. Please pray that Graham will have some relief and will fight this infection soon and that we will all get some sleep around here.

By the way, here are his stats:

23 pounds
28.5 inches

he is a BEAST, i tell ya, a BEAST!!!


Lori Wilson said...

OH! Poor baby. I hope they also gave you numbing drops those are the best. They would help my son immediately. Keeping yall in my prayers.

Amanda Holley said...

Wow he has gotten big! Chrissy had one set of tubes about his age and then one fell out so she had to get a new one in the right ear. And she had her tonsils out all before she was 3! But other than a cold or two, she's been great since. Apparently if kids have a few ear infections when they are young, they tend to not have as many illnesses when they get older! I'll definitely say a prayer for Graham and for you!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

Oh my! calleigh has an ear infection in both ears! She woke me up twice Tuesday morning...we went to the Doc and sure enough! So sorry graham has one too!

hannah said...

poor graham. i'm thinking about you guys. i know it sometimes seems its worse for the mommy. because i know you must just sit and worry about him.

hope he's better today. and i hope he got some rest last night.