Sunday, May 3, 2009

growing like the weeds in our yard

Our BIG boy is now wearing size 4 diapers. this is just ridiculous to me. size 4's are for 22 - 34 pound babies. I have a friend whose child is a year old and wearing size 4's. i've started calling graham "the beast." why? because he is a freakin beast. this baby is BIGGGGGGGGGG. I took him to drug emporium a few weeks ago and decided to just carry him around and not put him in a shopping cart. I thought my arm was going to fall off and I was going to die. by the time we were walking out of the store and to the car, my arm was shaking. i carry him around so much so you would think my chubby arms would be pretty defined. I don't know how I am going to carry him when he's a year old. he's going to be carrying me. this child is already wearing 18 month clothes. when we were in branson, all of the clothes that we bought him were 12 month clothes...well, it looks as if he won't be wearing those for too much longer. *sigh* guess we are going to have to make another trip to branson SOON. by the way, out of 9 babies at daycare, Graham is the second to biggest/heaviest and he has the CHUBBIEST thighs of them all...the thighs he certainly got from his momma!

Happy 8 Months to Graham tomorrow!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our latest shoots:

i think he is throwing gang signs again...

not too thrilled about the hat
uh oh...he sees the kitty...we can forget about him looking at the camera anymore
pointing his lil finger at sebastian... poor husband has been sick and bedridden at home since last Wednesday. He went to the dr. Wednesday morning and she told him he had rotavirus which really made no sense to me whatsoever because one of the biggest symptoms is diarrhea and he had none of that. he had a fever, weakness, muscles and bones ached, headache, nausea. All she did was check his stomach and she said rotavirus. Didn't run any tests or ANYTHING. I'm no doctor or anything but from everything that I have read about rotavirus, you have to take stool samples to test for it. but whatever. his symptoms sounded like he had the flu to me. but like I said, I'm no doctor. the only thing they did was give him a shot of phenegran and a shot of pain meds, gave him a script for phenegren and sent him on his way. so that left my poor hubby living in the guest bedroom for the rest of the week because his "doctor" said that it was highly contagious and I certainly didn't want Graham getting sick. Nor did I want to get sick either. Taking care of Graham all week all by myself was hard enough. no way did I want to do it while being sick myself. I give single moms so many props for what they do. I felt like a single mom for four days and it was not fun. anyway. After a day or so of Chad not getting any better, he started taking flu medicine and by Sunday morning, he was back to his usual self. Thank goodness. I absolutely cannot sleep in our bed without Chad in it with me. I had no one to dig my "dragon toes" into at night. and my "dragon toes" really missed his legs. :)
every morning, I always sit Graham in the living room floor to play while I make his bottle. Thursday morning, I did my usual routine and I brought the bottle over to Graham and showed it to him and he looked at me and looked at his bottle and said, "ba ba." :) I think our baby said his first word. he may not have known what he said but momma heard it...and so did Chad. he came out of the guest bedroom and was like, "I heard that!!" We were quite excited but it hasn't happened again. But I know we have Einstein on our hands. ;)
graham has this thing about constantly moving his hands and feet. he "rolls" his wrists and ankles all the time.

he still isn't crawling yet and i've decided that I am okay with it and i don't want him to. nope...I'm okay to carry him around so he can get where he needs to go. even if it does kill me.


MELISSA said...

his little outfits are adorable.

how are you doing with your beauties and the beast thing?

Burton's Blessings said...

I have a feeling that Boston will be a "beast" too! I need to move him up to size 2 diapers already!
I love his little plaid outfit! He is precious!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

he is so cute! and he is no giant compared to the other boy! that boy looks like a football in the making. I can't believe he is in 18 month clothes!! wow!
the other morning C went over and said hi to him while we were there in AM. It made me laugh! He just smiled at her!
I think it is ok to not let him crawl. I try to carry her as much as I can. I have noticed a little bicep forming on my right arm from carrying her so much. That could be counted as workout. Ha! I have thought about "pushing" C down and telling her to not pull up now, but am afraid that might have some negative affects on her so I just sigh now when she pulls up and try to remember the good ole days. I am afraid I will have a walker way too soon. (sniff, sniff)

Lucy said...

Graham is so smart! Look at him calling his bottle by name. Angel. I'm so glad that Chad feels better. How and I mean HOW do single mothers do it?? Andrew didn't crawl until 9 or 10 months or something. Graham is such a dumpling - so so cute!!