Monday, May 18, 2009

Lunch Date at Boston's

Friday, my friend Jenn and I met up with some of the Little Rock "beauties" and Tanna aka "the beast" for lunch at Boston's. Tanna was in town so it was nice to FINALLY meet her and a couple of the other beauties from our 42 Day Challenge. I picked Graham up from daycare so he could meet everyone and that wasn't really the best idea. Poor thing didn't have his morning nap so he was MAD!!! He was okay for a little while and then all hell broke loose. And it was just my luck really. Graham is usually the best baby everywhere we go and that just was not the case. He was REALLY showing out for our new friends. ha! But it was still so awesome to get to meet everyone and hang out.

Whitney and Blakely, Tanna and Brylee, Graham and Me, & Pratt and Hannah (can you tell that Graham isn't too thrilled???)

Me and Graham and Tanna and Brylee

Alyssa (Whitney's other lil girl)
Whitney and Blakely

Tanna and Brylee

Pratt and Graham (exactly one week apart)


Kristi said...

i bet that was such a fun lunch!! good luck this week!!

Chris & Whitney said...

Thanks for getting such great pics! Hope you're having a great week!

Amanda Holley said...

If another 42 day challenge happens, let me know-I've got some extra weight to lose!