Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Handsome Man

at nap time, he sits up in his cribs and plays...until he falls flat out. literally.
i haven't been this flexible since i was a cheerleader many many moons ago.

he loves water bottles. if chad or i have one on our hands, g rips it away. he don't play. hardcore.

This is the aftermath of a tornado barreling through our living room. graham seriously makes this mess himself. he has two baskets of toys and I leave them in the corner and he pulls out every single toy.


jill said...

what a handsome guy!!!! and i'm pretty sure the same tornado comes through our house. except now she can RUN. love the picture in his pj's ... SO adorable!

The Jennings said...

His is soooo cute! Love the crib pic. Priceless!


Lucy said...

I just love that den pic b/c ooooh how I relate. I think I have that same issue of Parenting - ha!

Amy, David and Caroline said...

Wow, we really need to see Graham asap, he is growing too fast!! I love the crib picture. Also, I see the same scene everyday in my living room :) I am actually scared to walk in the playroom right now!!