Tuesday, February 10, 2009

can i just say....

...that having graham is the absolute best thing i have EVER done in my life??? never in my life did i imagine that I would be able to love THIS much. this kind of love is just indescribable. he is so much fun and such a joy to be around. he really is an awesome lil baby. he loves to play with his feet and tries to get them as close to his mouth as possible. poor thing, he just can't quite get them toes in there. he tries. he struggles. he grunts until he has pushed all of his food back up and out of his mouth. that big ole belly gets in the way every time.

he's very interested in everything around him. textures. colors. sounds. i love it when i have him on his changing table because if he is not playing with his feet, he is feeling all over the wall and just staring intently at it. and then grabs everything in sight. the other day he grabbed his vicks babyrub jar and threw it at me. unintentionally i am sure...well, i hope it was unintentional. maybe he was mad at me for making him wear the things that i put on him. i think he looks awfully adorable in the clothes i pick out. maybe he doesn't think so. maybe he doesn't like all of the fuss and just wants to be in his footed zip-ups all of the time.

graham loves his daddy so much and he loves it when daddy gets home from work. as soon as he sees chad, he has a HUGE smile on his face. it just sends me through the roof. i just want to fly!

he is showing so much interest in all of his toys now and it's so cute. i can definitely tell which ones he likes and the ones he could care less about.

here lately, he only wants to nap laying on my chest. and it makes me cry. he is such a sweet lil cuddler and i just lay there and squeeze him as tight as i can and kiss his soft hair and stroke his beautiful skin. and i am constantly thanking God for blessing us with such a wonderful baby. chad and i have never been so happy. so content. so loved.

i love all of his jam. toe-jam, underarm jam, neck jam. i should just bottle it up and save it. or not.

when i read to him, he seems to be pretty fascinated with what's going on in the pictures. i'm always talking to him. explaining to him what i am doing, why i am doing it, where we are going, why we are going there. i read that it's very important to talk to your babies. it helps their language skills. when i picked graham up from school the other day, i was talking to him the entire time. about his day. about my day. asking him what he wanted to eat for dinner. and he was talking back to me. ms. karen said that he acts like he knows exactly what i am saying.
and then i talk to him all the way home. and it carries on until daddy gets home. and by that time, my jaw hurts and i take a break and let daddy do all of the talking.

and he watches tv. is this bad??? other mothers out there, what is your take on watching TV? bad? good? whatever? when g gets bigger, i definitely do NOT want him to be a couch potato. but is it okay now? it sure does help when i am getting everything ready in the morning and he has something to keep his attention. maybe i should just let him play by himself for a while without the tv on. what do you think?

just some random thoughts for the day.


Lissa said...

My 3 kids at that age loved the baby Einstein Videos. They are very educational too! Maybe try those that way you won't feel guilty about him watchn tv.

holly hickerson said...

i think that you do whatever works... if he likes it let him watch it! both of mine love tv...john david started counting in spanish at 3 because of diego. and hads is a chest sleeper too...thats how she goes to bed every nap time & at night time

breezylicious said...

My mom always says to get me to fall asleep, she'd turn on the Late Show, Weather Channel or News :)

Lucy said...

Oh I just so wish every child was as loved as much as Graham. You and Chad are just such devoted and wonderful parents. As for TV - I started out saying no tv at all. My own father said that was ridiculous and that I wasn't giving Andrew a window to the outside world. Everything in moderation. Andrew now loves The Wiggles and I feel zero guilt. :)