Saturday, February 7, 2009

various pics of our lil man

Taken on Graham's 5 month birthday! Can you BELIEVE he is already 5 months old?!?! Where does the time go???

Graham's first taste of peas...not too sure about them but then he warmed up to 'em.
Working outand now he's passed out...that workout wore him out!


Amy, David and Caroline said...

Graham always looks so handsome!! Okay, the Kelly's officially miss Chad!! We all four need to hang out really soon!!

Lucy said...

I'm in Batesville and just said, "Mom, will you look at this baby??" (turning the screen to Graham's pictures) and she said, "Oh he is just precious!!" Darling darling Graham. He has fans across the state!

The Bryant's said...

He is so cute! A ladies man for sure. He seems like such a chill baby. The time goes so fast 5 months already!