Saturday, February 28, 2009

time for spring pictures

at graham's school on friday, they had their spring pictures so i decided to volunteer to help his teachers get the babies ready and get them to and from where they were taking the pictures. i had so much fun bonding with all of the babies. they are all so cute and so sweet! i couldn't help but to love all over them! but i soon realized that EVERY SINGLE BABY IN THAT CLASS had a cough and runny nose. it's no wonder graham is always sick. they continuously pass it all around. graham still hasn't gotten over it and with the way the weather has been in arkansas, i fear that it will be a long while before his cold is long gone. earlier this week, we were wearing short sleeves and enjoying the warm beautiful weather and tonight it has been snowing. CRAZY, wouldn't ya say???

I don't have the proofs back from his pictures but I did get some pics before we headed to school.
btw, i don't know if you can really tell in these photos but graham's eyes are this GORGEOUS shade of green with a few brown dots. oh, they are so pretty! I do hope they stay that way! ha!

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The Burton Family said...

He looks so cute! I LOVE that outfit!