Monday, February 23, 2009

A lil love note to my baby boy....

this morning for breakfast, i fed you stage 2 bananas and you were so funny! after every bite, you would open your mouth up and say, "ahhhhhh." oh, you had me in stitches! I know you probably didn't know what you were saying at the time but it was just so cute! I wish I would have had a free hand to video record you.
it's a monday and we are at home together. you aren't feeling too well but act like you feel GREAT! you have been battling a cold ever since you started daycare in November and for the last couple of weeks, you have been so well! No coughing, no fever, no wheezing or raspyness...just a lil bit of a snotty nose every so often. but last night and this morning you have been coughing and again, it sounds terrible. i took your temperature and it's 101 and so i gave you some tylenol. you are such a good medicine taker. as soon as you see the dropper come towards your mouth, you open up so wide. the ladies at daycare love giving you your reflux medicine because you don't throw a fit. you willingly let them give it to you and it amazes them and myself every day. you are such a good baby and you have blessed mommy and daddy so much. i honestly can't believe how we got so lucky. i love you so much baby boy.


The Bishop Fam said...

Girl you better watch out....before you know it he will be rolling, sitting and crawling all in one move. Seriously!

Amy, David and Caroline said...

Graham, I hope you feel better soon!! My mommy says that I need to learn to eat my breakfast better!! I am a big dinner eater, but not a fan of breakfast. I really just like my bottle :)