Monday, February 2, 2009

A Soldier Comes Home

Friday evening my brother Steven came home to Texarkana from Iraq. He is a Captain in the Army and was on his second tour in Iraq. We are so proud of him and thank God for watching over him and keeping him safe! He said that he got really lucky because one day he and his troops came across a propane bomb and if there would have been an Iraqi watching them, all the Iraqi would have had to do was make a call on a cell phone or have a hand denonator and they would have all been dead.
He will be in Texarkana til the end of February and then he will go back to Korea for at least 2 years.

Mom and I both said we wouldn't cry (we knew it would probably embarrass Steven but we couldn't help it). The moment we saw him walk through the doors, we broke down! I miss my brother so much!

And he finally got to meet his nephew. :)

They were having some serious conversations going on! ;)

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