Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sitting up...

Look at this big boy! Sitting up on his own now...sometimes he tends to fall over and topple on his head because he wants to reach out and grab at something but we have been working on it and he's getting so good at sittin up for longer periods of time! I can't believe it! He tends to grunt a lot while he is in this position because his belly is so big! ha!His new Baby Einstein Caterpillar toy

Today we tried his first stage 2 foods...mac and cheese!! He definitely liked them better when we warmed them up in the microwave. We also tried Peaches this past week and he liked those too...BUT...I think he's going to be much more of a veggie baby because he tends to make the "sour face" with his fruits.

eating his peaches and puckering up

Stage 2 - Mac and CheeseWe have had a pretty great week even though it's been pretty hectic. Thursday night we ate at Texas Roadhouse with the Kelly's. Graham never wanted out of his car seat so he stayed in that the entire time and didn't make a peep. He just enjoyed people watching and fell asleep towards the end.

Amy & Caroline
Graham passed out

Saturday afternoon, my friend Jennifer came over to visit with us and she was so excited because she got to feed Graham some sweet potatoes....i think they were sweet potatoes...or were they peaches?? my goodness. my memory just keeps getting worse. what am I going to do with myself? Anyway. Saturday night, graham and daddy had guys' night at the house and I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends and celebrated their birthdays. We went to Big Whiskey's for dinner and then had a couple of drinks at Flying Saucer and Willy D's/Deep. That trip downtown made me realize that I am getting so old when all i can think about is how bad my feet were hurting from the BCBG heels that used to be my favorite. yeah, we were all home by 11pm. ha! I had a great time with my ladies though!

today, we spent the entire day grocery shopping. first trip was to Sam's and then Super Wal-Mart. as always, graham did great! he just loves to people watch and is amazed by all of the hustle and bustle. and when he is tired, he just falls to sleep. but when we returned home chad said we must have left our baby at wal-mart because graham SCREAMED his head off for an hour.

now the baby is asleep, daddy is catching up on past seasons of Heroes and mommy is about to lay her head on her soft pillow and slip off to dreamy land. night night.

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