Saturday, February 28, 2009

not a meat kind of baby...

last sunday, we all went to sam's to do our BIG grocery day at sam's and super-walmart and we picked some different baby foods for graham to try. we got him Turkey and Turkey Gravy and well....he may just turn out to be a vegetarian.

he smelled it and knew something terrible was coming (it seriously smelled like canned cat/dog food)

decided to give it a chance.

Look at those eyes begging for daddy to help him.
after a few bites, I just couldn't bare to feed him anymore of that nasty nasty stuff.

fruits and veggies it is from now on...we also gave him a little bit of white grape juice but i don't think he is quite ready for it. he had been doing so well about not spitting up, but that juice totally ruined it. think it's just too much acid for his poor lil belly to take right now.

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The Bishop Fam said...

Ha! I know how it goes when it comes to the meats. Jack Meredith hated any meat dish until we tried again at 8 months and she likes them now. Gerber makes this one called Chicken with apples and it is one of her favs! Wait a month or so and give it a try again. He will warm up to it eventually. If not, dogs love it!