Monday, February 9, 2009

graham's first trip to the zoo

Saturday afternoon Graham and I met up with our friends, Amy, David and Caroline Kelly along with a few of Amy's friends and their babies! We had a long train going with all of the people we had in our party. We had a great time and I met a lot of wonderful people! Graham did so wonderful at the zoo. he really cared more about people watching rather than looking at the animals. one day he will love the zoo and all of the animals as much as mommy and daddy. he was so laid back and just chilled the entire time. i was so proud of him. i was a lil apprehensive about how he would act since i had to wake him from his nap to get him ready so we could make our 1pm meeting time. but he did awesome! he even took a lil nap during zoo time. chad seems to think that since graham is so chill right now, he really WILL go through the "Terrible Twos". Oh, goodness, let's hope not!

Amy and Caroline
All of the babies except for Mia. She is 5 wks old and was packed up in her stroller. these are all of the "big" babies. I believe Graham is the youngest of this bunch in the pic. Amy, correct me if I am wrong.

watch the change in facial expressions as i procede to take one picture after another.

"mommy, ENOUGH."


~Bekah said...

HE IS SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! just love his expressions!! haha
Hey, how did u get that signature "Stephanie" on ur posts?? I need one of those!! :)

Amy, David and Caroline said...

That was such a fun day!! Can't wait for many more zoo dates!! Graham is the youngest in the stroller line-up. The ages range from 5 weeks-8 months. Hopefully, there will be some pretty weekends coming in March!! I love all of Graham's expressions!! I think he is always going to be pretty laid back. Hello, did you see my child and all her different moves when we were taking the stroller shots. My goodness, the hands and feet were going non-stop. These pictures are priceless. We are going to have so much fun showing G and C all the fun times they had as a baby :)

~Bekah said...

thanks!! OH and it was MY birthday yesterday, not Josh's. Haha.... it's ok :) was a great b-day present TO ME that he got to finally feel her move. :)
thx for the site! :) love ya!

~Bekah said...

haha it's ok! i understand!! :)
NOw, where and how to do i post the signature I created?? haha not too savvy on this

~Bekah said...

Ok so i did that and it won't show up. :( is it html text or ????

~Bekah said...

OOOOPS haha IT DID WORK! THANKS STEPH!! :) sorry i'm buggin u haha