Saturday, April 11, 2009

broken or not broken???

not broken thank goodness. Thursday night, I stumped my toe REALLY bad on our bed post and I went down for the count kicking and screaming and crying and yelling...and all my husband did was laugh at me. He said that my eyes rolled into my head and he thought that quite hilarious. Normally when I do this, the pain subsides within minutes. Well, not this time. It hurt so stinkin bad all night and all day Friday. When I woke up Friday, it was so swollen and purple and it hurt to walk on it. but stupid me decided to wear heels to work anyway. Big mistake. I seriously thought I had broken it. But I decided later on Friday evening that it was just severely sprained since I didn't feel any broken bones and the pain wasn't nearly as bad.

What you are about to see is disturbing because 1.) my pedicure is AWFUL and 2.) my feet are so dry. i so sorry. Motherhood as not afforded me much time for pampering hence my hands and feet looking like poo and I'm white and pasty. But I have decided to stay white and pasty forever because fake baking is not worth looking old, leathery and whithered by the time I am 35. :) Although there have been many times I've driven by my tanning place and wanted to stop soooo bad...but I'm not gonna do it. I can't. I won't. I refuse. I need some support here. My mom is (okay I better not say her age or she will kill me) but she is in her 50's and she takes such great care of her skin and doesn't have one wrinkle on her face. I wanna look like that. okay, anyway. back to my toe. here it is. this was taken Friday night after the swelling had gone down quite considerably.


MELISSA said...

ouch!!! that looks bad.

oh, and i totally support you on not fake baking. im white as a ghost, but it's okay because when i get old, ill have beautiful skin. (hopefully!)

Lea Liz said...

ouch girl!!!
That really looks like it hurts!! Your ltitle guy is too cute!!!
Happy Easter!!