Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i LOVE branson!!!

On our way to Branson!!! YAY!!! We were following Amy & David

Me driving. I have to drive or I get car sick. Graham in his seat being a good lil boy and playing...actually he was just staring at his feet.

Our view from our cabin"YAY MOM!!! We are FINALLY here!!! Now get my bottle and my veggies and FEED ME!!! This blanket is just not doing it for me!"

Had to get our seafood fix at Joe's Crab Shack.

Amy, Caroline and David Kelly...with Corbin Kelly in Amy's belly

Enjoying all of the wildlife at Bass Pro Shop

Amy and I at Branson Landing


Caroline was waving at the camera...she's so cute and SMART
Caroline loved Graham's toys and Graham loved hers

Caroline was trying to give Graham some smooches

"Daddy, don't you let me go! This tub is slippery!!"

Our loot

What a blast we had in Branson!! We met at Amy & David's house in Maumelle Friday morning around 9:30am and hit the road. It was such a gorgeous day for a drive through the mountains. We even got to see a camel right outside of Clinton, Arkansas. I believe it was a Llama farm that it was living on. As we were approaching the farm, I noticed this HUGE brown mass laying down and I was thinking, MY GOSH WHAT A HUGE COW!!! But then as we got closer, he lifted his head and it was a camel!! I thought that was so neat!
We arrived to Branson around 1pm and checked into the lakehouse at Alpine Lodge. This place was no Waldolf Astoria Hotel by any means but certainly served it's purpose. It was really big and we all had plenty of room and weren't right on top of each other. It had 3 good size bedrooms so Caroline had a room all to herself. She's not as heavy of a sleeper as Graham is so it worked out for everyone. The babies were starving so we unloaded everything as fast as we could and fed and changed them and then we headed out to Branson Landing. Our first stop was Joe's Crab Shack. By the time we got there it was around 4pm and none of us had eaten since breakfast so we were STARVING!!! We couldn't decide what we wanted because we wanted it ALL!!! After dinner, we walked around all of the stores around Branson Landing and had to make a stop at the Bass Pro Shop so the guys could get some lures for their Saturday fishing trip. Ben and Jerry's was our last stop for some ice cream and then we headed back to the cabin.
Saturday morning, the guys rented a fishing boat and got up at 6am to go fishing while Amy and I tended to the babies and got ready for our day of shopping! The guys got back around 11am and were quite exhausted and disappointed that they didn't get ANY fish. Amy and I left the babies with them and headed to Tanger Outlet Mall. We had so much fun and found so many great deals for the babies and for ourselves. The guys took the babies to eat pizza and then met up with us. We shopped for almost 7 hours!!! and had a blast doing it. by the time we left there and went back to the cabin to feed the babies and put them down for a nap, it was already 8:30pm so we ordered sushi to go. It was nice just to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy our friends.
Sunday morning, we woke up, packed everything up and went to eat breakfast at the Belgian Waffle House. We then went to Factory Merchandise Outlet to see what stores they had. I had to run back into Carter's and exchange the clothes that I got for Graham. I had orginally gotten him 9 month clothes but realized that he needed 12 month sizes. So I ran in to exchange those and ended up coming out with 120.00 worth of MORE clothes!!! they just had so many cute clothes and they had just opened so it wasn't packed like it was the day before when we were at Tanger. When places are so crowded, I get bad anxiety and can't think straight. I think that is why I got Graham all of the wrong sizes.
I started out driving back but right outside of Marshall, I had to have Chad drive because I was exhausted. I didn't sleep too well the entire trip because the bed was way too small for both Chad and I to be in.
I sure wish we would have taken a few extra days because there is so much to do in Branson. Graham did so great traveling back and forth. he just took naps, played and talked to us. We can't wait for our next trip with the Kelly's.

BTW, the CWA has not called a strike as of yet. Chad is still working and AT&T is still negotiating with the CWA but they are FARRRRRRRR from reaching an agreement so they are working without a contract but could strike at any point.

On a sad note, my best friend,Shauntel, her father passed away Sunday morning from a heart attack. He was only 48 years old. Tommy was a great man and he will be missed so much! please keep them in your prayers at this incredibly difficult time. Shauntel and her husband Jared are expecting their first child, a sweet baby girl named Finley at the end of July.


Burton's Blessings said...

OH I'm jealous! All his outfits are so cute! looks like you had a great time!

Amanda Holley said...

You guys are as bad as my sister and I are! I will be posting a blog about our girl's weekend to Shreveport soon (Amber does have pics up on her MySpace)! I'm just super slow. I don't know how you do it all! And tell Shauntel she is in my prayers-we lost a close family friend a few weeks ago to a heart attack. He was only 35. I cannot fathom how she feels. She and all her family are in my thoughts and prayers!

The Jennings said...

I love Branson too! I had not been since I was a kid until last year. It is a neat place for a weekend getaway. Glad yall had so much fun!


Amy, David and Caroline said...

We had SOOOOO much fun!! It was just way too short!! Can't wait for our next adventure!! Lord knows Caroline needs about two weeks sleep since she didn't nap. Graham was such a great baby the whole time!!

The Bell Family said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!

Holli said...

Here from the Hickerson's. Your little guy is adorable!

Lucy said...

Oh the babies playing together look so precious!! They are just adorable. I am so sorry about Shauntel's father. I am thinking about her and her family.