Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watery Weekend & a Challenge

This is the first time Graham has EVER napped on his belly

The flash woke him up...oops...I really did feel terrible...i did...really

Mom, seriously. Stop. these flashes are killin me.


Okay, my eyes are adjusted

I'm happy again! :)

Poor lil G-man is sick again. We made it over a month without a cold and then Monday rolls around and BAM...He has a runny nose, sneezing and a hacking cough. And all...I mean ALL of his nursery mates are sick too. And then Mommy got sick. But we are hanging in there. We kept Graham inside all weekend because it rained ALL DAY SATURDAY and a lil bit today. I made my way to Sam's and to Kroger for our groceries for the, I needed a lot of healthy food for the 42 day Challenge that I am starting tomorrow.

You can read all about it here:

I am so excited and so pumped that I have all of these ladies and fella as a support and motivation group. I really need this because ever since I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, I've just been down in the dumps and my energy levels have been down so I really haven't been working out and I can definitely tell. So this is great motivation to get back to it. I cannot and WILL NOT let my group down. :) Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and I am going to make the best of it. I want to be healthy and strong for my lil boy. And I also wanna feel sexy for my hubby again too. ;)

Well, no time to chat...need to get Graham in the bath and ready for bed. We are all going to bed super early tonight because Chad and I are getting up at 5am so we can work out. I will probably be a zombie tomorrow but it will all be worth it...right?
BTW, I forgot to mention that Graham is sitting in a shopping cart like a big boy! I will have to take a pic next time. Chad and I both have pictures on our phones but I have NO CLUE how to transfer them from phone to computer. yeah yeah yeah...i'm probably the only person who doesn''s so cute though! This makes shopping so much easier for me now. Now I can go to the grocery store or go strolling around Target without worrying about carrying him in his carseat (which by the way, is IMPOSSIBLE now since he weighs 20 lbs.). We went to Hobby Lobby Friday and we had so much fun! It's a whole new world for Graham. And the beginning of so much fun shopping with Mommy. :)


hannah said...

woohoo! so, so excited you're doing this too!

we should meet up and walk. and push strollers! it would be fun!

Precious Moments said...

Good luck girl!! Sexy here you come!!! --Tanna

Amy, David and Caroline said...

I sure hope Graham feels better this week!!! Girl, I am going to archive back to this when I start working out and eating good after Corbin. I will be behind several months, but if I have a day to day guideline, that will help. Good luck, keep me posted!!

Lucy said...

Love these pics!! Isn't it the best when they can finally sit up in the cart? You nailed it when you said it's a whole new world. Go Graham!