Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Sunshine

today has been absolutely GORGEOUS so I got Graham and myself ready and we went walking around the neighborhood and then he sat in his stroller and watched me prune the heck out of my rosemary bush. it needed it bad!!! So I decided to wack it down to nothing. looks so much better too!!

Graham has now developed separation anxiety from me and Chad. BAD! We can't walk out of the room without him screaming his poor head off. This is going to take some getting used to because he's never been that way before. It started when we got back from Branson. I read in one of my books to play the "bye bye" game with him to try to ease it. It said that every time I leave him say "bye bye" and then when I return he will see that I wasn't gone for long and it should help him with the separation anxiety.

Right now, g LOVES it when we sing, "if your happy and you know it clap your hands." anytime he is getting cranky and is crying, we just start singing that and he calms down and is so happy. He will kick his feet to the tune. ha! We started doing it to teach him how to clap his hands but he would rather clap his feet.

Graham has been working on trying to crawl lately. He is trying so hard to get on his knees but it doesn't last too long.

When Graham wakes up from his nap, I'm probably going to take him to the park or I may wait until Daddy gets home from work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. I thank Jesus Christ everyday for giving his life for us.


Holli said...

Love the sunglasses! Too cute!

Stacy said...

cute pics!! katie mae loves that song too!!

hannah fulks said...

he is so cute! those pictures of him with his sunglasses on are adorable! how is the toe?

also, pratt does the same thing with the separation anxiety. if he's in the living room, and i walk out, he starts whining until he sees me again. i guess it could always be worse :)