Monday, April 27, 2009

Country Roads, Take Me Home...

Every time I go back to my mom's house in Texarkana, I never want to come back to Little Rock. I have so many wonderful memories living out in the country. There is nothing better than listening to the crickets chirping, birds singing, catching turtles, frogs and lizards, smelling the brush burning, and hearing NO TRAFFIC. As I got older and got into high school and college, I absolutely HATED living 15 minutes away because it was soooooo far from my friends. But now that we live in the city, I appreciate the country life so much more. It's Heaven. Simply Heaven. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love our house in WLR. I love that it was the first home that I'd purchased and I love that it's not even a mile from Target, yes, the location you just can't beat. I love our neighborhood too. But we have a small yard. that is infested with crab grass and as soon as you walk outside, you hear traffic EVERYWHERE. Non-STOP. our dream is to find about three acres of land right outside of Little Rock. I want Graham to be able to run around outside like a wild child who's been locked up for days. with his shoes off. barefoot. like I did as a kid. and run through the woods without a worry in the world. ahhhhh, i loved growing up in the country. you could run around naked in your yard and not have to worry about any neighbors seeing you. not that i did. but i could have if i wanted to.

We had so much fun taking the boat and jet ski's out on the lake and finding our lil fishing spots throughout the day. We got out on the lake Saturday around 11am and didn't come in until 9pm. graham absolutely LOVED being on the boat! We didn't catch a whole lot of fish but I do have to brag and say that I caught the first fish of the day. Certainly not a keeper but the first one at that. :) If you know me, you know that I LOVE to fish and that I'm pretty good at it too. Yes, I had to toot my own horn. toot. toot.

Sunday afternoon, the guys went back out fishing but they went to the ponds around the house. Chad caught a HUGE catfish but didn't want to worry about cleaning it so he threw it back...Mimi was quiet upset about it. She wanted that fish! ha!

It was such a great weekend and we can't wait to do it again!

The 42 day challenge is going well! By Saturday morning, I had lost two pounds. I worked out while I was at mom's. She has an awesome treadmill...I love it. I would try to talk my husband into letting me buy one but I don't think he's going to go for it since we already have an elliptical and a bike. I get so bored with those. That is where my ADHD kicks in.

Graham started talking A LOT more this past weekend. He had us all laughing til we almost peed our pants. He is saying "va va va", "gu gu gu", "ba ba ba", "fa fa fa" ALL OF THE TIME.


Holli said...

So funny! I grew up in town and married a country boy. We now live in the country and I absolutely love it for my boys! I wouldn't mind living a mile from target though! =)

Lucy said...

Right there with you girlfriend. I love visiting Batesville. Andrew is a barefoot boy there! That last picture of Graham is fantastic. He has such a beautiful smile. I'd love to live out in the country except not too far from a wal-mart or target ;)

Amy, David and Caroline said...

What great pictures!! Graham is going to be begging you to go to Mimi's every weekend when he is older!! Looks like such a blast!!

Lea Liz said...

Hey girl!
I know whatya mean about the country, I live int he country and I just like to visit the it would be nice to live closer to civilization at times , but that's okay.

I ahve looked at sequoias they are so nice, how are they on gas tho??

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

I grew up in sherwood and feel the same way too. the sherwood now is not the sherwood i grew up with. we moved back here from south dakota and miss it so much b/c it had the small town feel that i miss and you don't get in our "big" city. your little one was bouncing the other day when we dropped C off. he looked very happy. i always like to know when my kids are happy at "school" we picked her up one day and she was crying in her bed. did i mention i dislike daycares...but have no choice right now.
too funny about fishing!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

So-I hadn't even thought about paying too much(all daycare is expensive, right?), but do think I pay enough that they could do some cute projects with our kids. I mean other places do things with their little ones. I just think they could have more structure with them now...they don't even have high chairs so they are being fed in those little chairs...send me more info about kid co, so did you already pay your fee b/c isn't it nonrefundable?? school for the deaf isn't that far away either. I don't know if we can make a change yet bc of that. I love tracy too.
yes C is all over the place and that is funny she pulled up on you. See that makes me think she was ready to go home!:-( We get to pick her up early today-yay!!!

Brandi said...

My hubby and I both grew up in small towns and have said that once we have children, we want our children to grow up in the small town atmosphere as well. Who would have thought, growing up I couldn't wait to be 18 and move to the city. Then at 25 I buy a house that is 'outside' the city limits and our goal it to move even further out. :) How things change as you get older.

Oh by the way I tagged you for an award! :)

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

sorry for the long comments, so he will be at kid co this fall?? do they have a waiting list too?? i just wonder how people get their kids in daycares so fast. its like i should have had my future kid on the waiting list 5 years ago. wish that kid co had a website to go to.