Tuesday, January 20, 2009

14 Random Facts About Me....

i was tagged by a friend to do this on Facebook but i don't even know how to do it on facebook so i'll just do it here.

1. my food absolutely cannot touch. i can't stand for this to happen. only exception is thanksgiving food. that, i don't mind. i used to be the pickiest eater and would NOT eat veggies unless they were fried but i'm being much more open to different foods now. i have a new found love for broccoli. and squash. and zucchini. love my veggies steamed. five years ago, that would have been unheard of. no way no how.

2. i have a certain way that i do everything. i plan out everything. every step i take and every move i make (should i bust out in song now?). i have a way that i wash bottles, load the dishwasher, fold clothes, my morning routine, graham's routine. i am OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) as well as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). when my routine is messed up, i seriously have panic attacks. i get all out of whack. and everything HAS to be organized. huge MUST. i have a serious addiction to making lists. if you look at my desk, there are lists EVERYWHERE. even at home. i can't go to the grocery store or run errands unless i have a list. i am always afraid that i will forget something.

3. i have A TON of friends but only three that i trust more than anything in this world. i have learned that true friends are few and far between. a lot of people that I THOUGHT were my best friends are back-stabbing and petty and i have been burned many MANY times. i used to give out many chances but now you only get one. i honestly don't have time to deal with immaturity. if someone makes plans with me and breaks them, so what. i don't care and i don't get mad about it. life is just too short to waste on stupid stuff. from chaos comes clarity. burn me once, shame on thee. burn me twice, shame on me.

4. i am so totally RANDOM. i tend to jump subject to subject and speak of crazy random stuff. just ask my husband. he's like, "WHOA! Where did that come from??? " I don't know. random stuff is just always popping up in my head.

5. i am very much of a tomboy. i love to hunt. i LOVE LOVE LOVE to fish. i love to go muddin and get super duper muddy and dirty. i love to frog gig. i love to play with bugs. as long as they aren't cockroaches or spiders or poisonous. i love worms (much to my mom's dismay). i love to bait my own hook and to take my own fish off. i love to go to the lake and ski and tube. i love to go camping even if it is 100 degrees outside. by camping, i mean tent, sleeping bags, no mirror, plumbing is not necessary. i don't need all of the fuss. i just want to enjoy nature and have a great time doing it. but i do love to get all dressed up and girly-fied too.

6. My family is scattered all over the world. I was born in Nebraska (where my grandparents lived) and moved to Texas when I was a year old and then moved to Arkansas when I was 7. My brother was born in Washington. My mom and sister was born in Vietnam. My dad was born in Colorado. I have family everywhere. Alaska, California, Alabama, Nebraska, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Canada, Vietnam, China, Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, etc. they really are everywhere. i am a tad bit jealous of my friends that have family CLOSE all around them. I have never had this. ever. I want graham to be surrounded by family. my friends always had grandparents that they would go stay with. not me. my grandparents were in Vietnam and Nebraska. not an easy road trip at all. oh and because i have family and decedents from all over, i am a true mutt. yes, i just called myself a mutt. i have so many different nationalities in my blood that i can't even keep track. i am primarily german, vietnamese and chinese.

7. i never thought in my LIFE that i would EVER have patience. but i do. but only with my son. i just honestly can't ever see myself losing my patience with him. he's my world. i know that i was put on this earth to be a mother. i love it. if we had an abundance of money, i would certainly have MANY MANY MANY. i absolutely LOVED everything about being pregnant. even the cankles and indigestion. it was all worth it. i can totally understand why michelle duggar is always pregnant. it's truly amazing. i so got off track. this one was supposed to be about patience and look what i did. that's where the ADHD comes in.

8. i have my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. i wanted so badly to be a lawyer or a medical examiner or a forensic psychologist or a warden of a prison (yes, i know. CAAAAA-RAZY!). instead, i am the deputy director for the Arkansas Department of Rural Services (DRS). and I LOVE IT. I absolutely love my job. my reason for moving to little rock was to go to law school. but i was offered a position here at DRS as the Administrative Assistant and LOVED it. Plus I couldn't go to law school and work at the same time. and I really wanted to make money. After a year as the AA, I was promoted to Grants Coordinator. I served in that capacity for a year and was again promoted. This time to Deputy Director.

9. i love living in arkansas and i don't ever think you can ever make me live outside of the state. i am a true southern gal to the core. i even have the accent to go with it. and it seriously throws people wayyyy off. i guess when people first see me, they expect me to have broken english and then i start talking and they are like, WHAT??? WHOA!!! and then they ask where i am from. arkansas, of course! my dad is always begging for me to move. but ya know, it's really his fault for making me an arkansas gal in the first place. gotta love the military. ;)

10. i have a serious addiction when it comes to shoes, clothes and purses. i have two walk-in closets full! and i still have shoes and purses laying all over the house and it drives my husband crazy. but there isn't enough room in my closets for them. but now that i have a child, i no longer buy much for myself. it's all about him. i think Graham probably has more clothes than I do now and he's getting close to having more shoes. but VERY rare is it that I will pay full price for any of these items. they have to be on sale or i wait. case in point, i bought a beautiful black leather DKNY purse this weekend that originally cost 375.00. It was on sale for 130.00 and I had a 100.00 gift card so i only pain 30.00. i was so proud. i really REALLY needed a new purse. chad would beg to differ. oh, and recently i have found a great love for walmart clothes. they actually have some really cute stuff...on their website too. not for baby clothes though. their lil boy clothes really aren't that cute.

11. I love my mom with all of my heart and soul. she is the absolute best and i hope that i am half of the mother that she is. she is kind, loving, nurturing and honest. brutally honest. ha! she has done everything in her power to take care of my brother and i even if it meant her wearing the same clothes and shoes for years on end. After her and my dad divorced, she worked two jobs and was on call 24 hours a day. It hurt me so much to see my mom working all of the time. So when i was 17, i quit cheerleading (which was MY LIFE!!! I wanted to be a career cheerleader) and got a job so i could pay for some of my own things. mom didn't ask me too and she didn't want me to but i wanted to try to help alleviate some of the stress that my mom was going through. We were struggling. she has given to us unselfishly and i am so glad that she is finally doing the things that she has always wanted. she deserves the world. she is my absolute best friend and i hope that graham loves me as much as i love my mom. my mom has seen some of the most horrific things while she lived in Vietnam that no one should ever have to endure. no one should ever have to run for their life, village to village in the middle of the night while witnessing murder and torture like no other. or have your little brother die in your arms. my mom has been through so much in her life and she is such a strong woman. To see my mom cry is very rare. My mom is very quiet and definitely an observer. But when she does talk, she speaks so wisely. She put herself through school and is successful and never asked for anyone to pity her. she always walks tall with her head held high. i am most proud of her. she always taught me to do for myself and to never depend on anyone. She is the smartest person i know. i am lucky. i am blessed.

12. my husband is my savior. and he says that i am his. we were meant to be. i don't have to go into all of this again since i did my spill on our anniversary post. ha!

13. i wish when i was a little girl, i would have sat still long enough to learn vietnamese from my mother. i was too hyper and just wanted to play. i want mom to teach graham and to speak to him all of the time. but on the other hand, i don't because i don't want to be an outsider and not know if they are talking about me or not. ha! i do want that to be mimi and graham's special bond though. i look forward to my lil boy teaching me.

14. I miss my family very much. I miss my dad. he lives in california and i see him MAYBE once a year if i'm lucky. i miss my brother. he's a captain in the army and it's been YEARS since he has lived in the states. i miss my sister who lives in Alabama and I don't get to see her enough either. I miss my Aunt Glenna in Nebraska and my Aunt Judy in Alaska. i wish i could move my aunt glenna here with us and just take care of her. when my aunt glenna was born, she was a normal healthy lil girl and then she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair ever since. my aunt judy is the absolute most fun person. she is always laughing and smiling and we were always doing so many fun things when i was little. i miss my cousin doug and donnie and their families. my friends have always been my family too. since i don't have much family close, i love my friends and their families as if they were my own.

Whew. done. hope you all enjoyed reading! now...i tag everyone that reads this!

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