Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 Month Stats

I took Graham to the doctor today as a sick visit because he's been coughing really terribly bad again and he's been losing his appetite as well (if you know my child, you know that he NEVER refuses to eat and he ALWAYS finishes his bottles and ready for more) so we knew something had to be wrong. Chad took the day off so we saw Dr. at 9:30am. She noticed that when she listened to his chest, he was wheezing quite a bit and that he was really having to work to breathe. So she ordered another RSV test (just click on "test" to take you to a previous post about his first test...I'm in the process of learning the tricks to blogging!)
and thankfully that test turned out to be negative but she did determine that his respiratory infection is back and with the wheezing, she prescribed an inhaler to use for breathing treatments.

We were supposed to see her again next week for his 4 month vaccinations but thankfully she let us do all of that in this visit. So here are his stats at 4 months:

Weight - 17lbs and in the 90th percentile
Height - 26 1/8 inches and also in the 90th percentile

To be clear on the 90th percentile, if he was measured up to 100 babies his age, he would be bigger than 90 of them. So she said that was GREAT and probably a lot of that contributed to me breastfeeding him (which I am in the process of weaning and I'm not sure I am happy about it).

I can certainly see the benefits of breastfeeding him and I love knowing that he is getting all of the nutrients he needs but with work, it's getting harder and harder to pump 3 times while I am there. I don't want to stop though. It makes me sad because I feel like I am taking away something from him that has been benefiting him so greatly. So I don't really know what to do. I have already been pumping less and have noticed that I am not producing a lot of milk like I used to produce. Again, this makes me very sad but I just need to get over it. I've breastfed him during the most crucial time and he is thriving very well so I just need to give myself a good smack and get over it. ha! I'm really stressed out about this and I told Chad today that I really should go talk to a therapist. ha!

Dr. also said that we could start giving him rice cereal from a spoon so we will begin working on solids in the next week or so.
By the way, our Christmas Tree isn't dead after all.
All I had to do was change the fuses and waaaaa laaaaa...we will have Christmas next year, people! :)


Amy, David and Caroline said...

Poor Graham, you could never tell by the pictures that he was sick!! I can't believe him and Caroline are almost the same size and weight, except he is two months younger!! Gosh, I love all your posts, but it makes me feel more and more quilty. I have no idea what my deal is with blogger!! It will get better!!

Courtney and Kyle Burton said...

Do you like Dr Ahart? I have her listed as our pediatrician of choice but we have not met with her yet.
Thanks for the sweet comment by the way, I know you have felt my pain before! I feel bad for complaining about the pregnancy, b/c it has been so easy up until now.
I was wondering about the working and breastfeeding situation. I am going to try hard to breastfeed but I don't know how i feel about having to pump all the time at work either...I work with a bunch of men which makes it worse!
Hope Graham gets better!