Saturday, January 24, 2009

Private or Public???


We have decided to keep our blog public instead of going private. after my post about going private, i had an influx of emails from people that read our blog. they were so sweet and meant so much to me! i had no idea so many people were reading our blog and actually cared! i really thought it was just mostly family and close friends and other people that i had on my blog list. Thank you guys so much for the emails, kind words, encouragement. i really have met a lot of great people through my blog and through their blogs and i'm so excited for the ones that emailed me and made comments letting us know that they love keeping up with graham. if you haven't emailed or commented, please do! i love meeting new people and love making new friends! it's so much fun! And if you have a blog, let me know! i haven't responded to everyone yet and i do apologize! i will. i promise!

p.s. i go from capitalizing to not and i know that probably drives some people crazy because sometimes it drives me crazy but i think i got liquid around the shift key because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. :) sorry!

Keep reading, keep commenting and keep on truckin'! ;)

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