Thursday, January 22, 2009

one veggie & one fruit down...many more to go!

Last night we decided to introduce Graham to a fruit. We waited a few days after we introduced the sweet potatoes to make sure he didn't have a food allergy to them. It appeared that he didn' he tried. he wasn't as eager to eat them as he was the sweet potatoes but he still gobbled them down without any trouble at all. I have a feeling that he's going to be fine with any food as long as he is eating. If that is the case, he will definitely take after his Uncle Steven who will eat ANY and EVERYTHING. Uncle Steven would be so proud. :)
I do have to say that the bananas were a MESS!! With the sweet potatoes, the mess wasn't too bad because he did NOT want to let one single bit go to waste. 'nanas were different. but all in all he liked them...especially when I would sing crazy songs and make some really WEIRD faces. and then shove the spoon in his mouth. ha!

As you can see in the pictures, Graham has terrible scratches all over his face. :( Mommy didn't bite off graham's fingernails as much as I should have and I left sharp edges on his nails. when i picked him up from daycare and saw what had happened, i felt like to worst mother in the world. i was so sad and i cried all the way home. no exaggeration. i really did cry all the way home. he even scratched his eyeball!! :( from now on, he is getting a full on manicure and pedicure!

Today, i have been feeling so down and overwhelmed. i was fine until after work and i walked in the door to the house. baby stuff everywhere. purses everywhere. unfolded laundry covering the guest bedroom. unmade bed. g's clothes needing to be hung up. bottles to be washed. dishes to be scrubbed and washed. floors that need a really good hard moppin. dinner to be cooked. kitchen that needs to be clean. bathrooms that need to be clean. LOTS of dusting to do. so much organization that needs to happen. i just feel like i am NEVER going to get everything done and i am NEVER going to have our lives in order. chad does so great at helping me. when he can. he works late nights. and now when he gets home, he has to do his online schooling. i absolutely HATE having a messy house and that's probably why we don't have friends over. i am embarrassed at the way things look. i just don't know how people do it. i'm a perfectionist and things aren't perfect anymore. how do full time working moms do it? i wish we could afford a maid but with already paying THOUSANDS of dollars a month in bills, there is just no way we can afford an extra expense. i feel as if i am in a big hole and will never be able to climb out. am i going through postpartum? are these feelings normal? i'm also sad because i feel like i don't get to spend enough time with graham either because i am always doing chores.

g is awake from his nap and i need to finish cleaning and cook dinner.
does anyone have any suggestions to make juggling everything easier???


Robert and Makinzie said...

Don't stress sweetie! You will just have to learn how to TRY and not get so overwhelmed by everything....There will never be enough time to do everything because with kids something unplanned-unorganized-unexpected will always happen :) You are only one person and can only do so much.  Maybe plan different nights of the week for different things.... Like Monday is clean all the floors, Tuesday do the bathrooms, Wednesday do laundry, etc.  Plan your dinners so that you make twice as much and freeze the rest to have in two weeks.  You can also spend one evening making dinner for the whole week so that way you aren't having to cook every night.  It can get very overwhelming and it is like as soon as you get the laundry done it seems like it is all stacked up again!  Just enjoy being a mom and wife and don't sweat the small stuff :)  You will figure out a way to manage everything :)

Jill said...

Girl....every home of a family with small children is messy! Unless you constantly pick up EVERY toy 500x a day than there will be toys on the floor.:) I had the same problem in the begining...then I realized my baby will only be 2 weeks old once, the girls 3 years and I'm not wasting my day away cleaning the house! I would rather enjoy every minute I can with my kids....once they go to bed I do a quick sweep of the place and save my deep cleaning for the weekends....other than that, my house is always a mess!

Mely said...

Jill is soooo right! I am a stay at home mom and my house isn't even clean, and stuff stacks up on me too. it is definitly overwhelming. I'll never forget that feeling when I went through it. My pretty house was no longer clean and spotless. You'll adjust to it. Just do what you can when you can and that will have to be good enough. It is more important to spend time with your babies. As far as friends, they should be understanding if your house isn't perfect.

Whitney & Chris said...

Take a breather lady! I wish Iw as there to surprise you with a clean house!
I'm sure your house is a lot cleaner than your neighbors or many of your friends. I clean every day and the dang thing is STILL dirty!! The stuff will be there tomorrow for you to clean so don't do it all in one day. Graham will only be small for so long. I do a lot of double bathes and freeze the extra. It helps SO much on those difficult days. Stouffer's Las is always in my freezer and garlic bread. YUM, it just need to be thrown in the cooker. I have a lot of freezer meal recipes if you are interested.
Hang in there, you're doing a great job of getting it all done!

Amy, David and Caroline said...

You are feeling completely normal!! I am home all day and I can promise you there are many days our bed doesn't get made, bottles pile up all througout the day. I promise you the house is a wreck by the time David gets home. My husband is the NEATEST FREAK to ever walk this Earth!! We just try to do a quick run through once Caroline is down for the night. Then, we do deep, let me rephrase that David does a deep cleaning on Saturday or Sunday. You know we have awesome husbands that help us clean so much!! I am in complete control of the laundry, so that is always my job, but as we all know it is an endless job!! I mean seriously I don't know how you do it all since you work full time away from home. We would be lucky to get a home cooked meal once a month if I worked outside of the house. I know it is going to be hard, but just try to relax, enjoy your lazy weekends with your family. Graham has amazing parents that love him more than the world, so that is all you ever need to accomplish in life :)

Lucy said...

I love this entry because I relate to it so much!! And I am a SAHM! It seems like the list is never ending. It is so hard to let go of that need for control. I struggle with it daily! :) Thanks for putting into words what I feel so much of the time. You are an amazing mother, and you're doing great.