Saturday, January 17, 2009

what do i do...

...without a baby in the house???

This morning, I met my mom and Greg at Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia for breakfast and to let them take Graham for the night. To be honest with you, I have been dreading this day. I just hate not being with my lil man. My whole entire world revolves around him and I love it!

My mom has been trying to talk me into letting her have him for a weekend and I always tell her no because I am not ready. Well, my work conference is in June and mom (mimi) is going to keep him for the entire week while I am in Hot Springs. I figured that I better let her start keeping him here and there instead of that week being the FIRST time. I need to get used to him being gone.

So, I called mom last weekend and asked her if she would like to have her grandson for a night and of course, she was estatic. I told her that I have been trying for a week to talk myself into and for her to not let me back out.

But I did pretty good with it. Although, I ALMOST took the exit to follow them to Texarkana instead of going back to Little Rock. And I've been calling mom every 30 minutes to an hour just to know what they are doing. Every minute that passes I've thought to myself, "I wonder what Graham is doing?"

I've been trying to keep myself occupied and I stopped in Benton with the intention of finding some clothes and shoes for me but what did I do?? Found a ton for Graham. I just don't like to spend money on myself anymore when I have a beautiful lil boy that I love shopping, I feel like I have a reputation to uphold for Graham at daycare. Ms. Tracey and Ms. Karen always say that he is the best dressed baby in his class and they always get the other teachers in there to look at his outfits so I can't disappoint them, right??? Some mornings, we are in a rush and I really want to just leave him in his sleeper but then I am like, NO WAY! This boy has too many cute clothes and dang it, he is going to wear them! Most outfits he only wears once or twice though because he is growing so fast.

So now that I am home from shopping, I don't even know what to do with myself. Saturdays are always Graham and Mommy days since Chad is at work...So when I returned home from shopping, I sat on the couch, looked around and wondered what to do next??? and here I am blogging. But what do I do after I finish blogging? Take a nap? or maybe I will clean the house and wash clothes. What do I do??

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Amy, David and Caroline said...

I think you did GREAT!! I am just two months ahead of you and it doesn't get easier!! After about two hours, I just want to go pick Caroline up.