Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Play Date w/ Caroline

This past weekend, G and I went down the street to Maumelle to see Amy, David and sweet Caroline. Poor G was so fussy the ENTIRE TIME!!! I was so embarrassed because he is NEVER like that. but i think his poor teeth were bothering him. there were a few brief periods of him not crying. I think when g is able to sit up on his own and is as mobile as caroline is, he will have a lot more fun. he really can't do much but just lay there. caroline wanted g's paci and his paci clip so bad. it was so cute to see her take it from him and stick it in her mouth. i was praying she wouldn't get sick though. but g's been doing better as well! maybe JUST MAYBE we nipped this sickness stuff in the bud. please pray that he did at least!


Amy, David and Caroline said...

Just wait in the next couple of months, G will be showing C what is up!! Can't wait for our next playdate :) I guess we really should never get our hopes up too high, because we know our babes love to fuss sometimes!!

Lucy said...

What precious babies!! Caroline and Graham are both adorable. Teething is noooo fun. I asked my friend Rebecca what she recommended for teething, and she said 'a beer for mom!' ;)