Wednesday, January 28, 2009

things about Graham that i adore...

  • he talks in his sleep. i think he is dreaming. i've been looking up whether babies dream or not and in my research, it says that they do dream since they go into the state of REM sleep but what they dream about, no one knows. since they don't have language skills yet, most likely their dreams are imagery. last night was the third time i've heard him talking in his sleep so i tippy toed back to his room to catch it on video and as soon as i turned it on, his eyes popped wide open. it's amazing to me how much he is starting to talk and use his tongue to do it. it's not just a constant babble. it's as if he is really trying to say something.
  • when i feed him his solids, he holds my arm with his feet as if trying to control where my arm is going to go next. i love it when he grabs my hands with his hands and tries to shove the spoon further down his throat. it's so cute. not when he starts gagging though. he will learn. ha! he also gags himself when he's sticking his entire hand in his mouth.
  • when he cuddles with me. it's one of the absolute best parts of my day. anytime he is ready to nap, i don't put him in his crib, swing, chair, etc. i lay him right on top of me and he falls right to sleep. it just melts my heart. and I squeeze him as tight as i possibly can without smothering him.
  • when he stares at me and chad and feels all over our faces with awe and amazement.
  • his smile and his laugh. my world just stands still and i still tear up every time. i love when he is looking around a room and sees me and starts smiling so big.
  • when i wake him up in the morning and I open up his swaddle and his arms shoot straight up in the air and he brings his knees up to his chest and stretches all out and his face scrunches up. his face scrunching up is my fave part.
  • his chubby lil legs and all of his fat rolls.
  • his cute round dimpled up lil booty.
  • when he gets shy and buries his face in my shoulder.

These are just a few things that melt my heart because really, he can do no wrong and everything about him is just PERFECT! :)

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