Sunday, January 11, 2009

update on graham's sickliness

lil g has been slowly improving. he's not coughing near as much as he was, especially at night. but when he does cough, it's not pretty. he's spitting up alot of mucus so that's a great sign. we still have him on his breathing treatments. his teachers called on friday to check on him and ms. nichole let me know that they would administer his treatments for us. whew. that's great news! i figured that since they couldn't give them medicine, that they wouldn't do his treatments either. guess i should have just asked in the first place, huh? his appetite is definitely back in full force and we have been sticking with him as far as feeding him his rice cereal. he is always a lil apprehensive at first but quickly warms up to it. more so with daddy than with mommy. he does seem to cry while we are feeding him because we can't get the spoon back up to his mouth quick enough. our lil oinker, he is. he hasn't had a fever at all this weekend but we are still dealing with the runny nose and stuffiness although last night i hung around in his room with him while he feel asleep and he slept without making a peep. no rattling, wheezing, nothing. tomorrow i will head back to work and graham back to daycare. i hope he will continue to improve as he returns to school.

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Lea Liz said...

He is just too cute!!! ihope that he is feeling better, I can't imagine Brody getting sick I will be so worried. Thoughts and prayers are with you all and hope he is all better very soon!