Saturday, January 24, 2009

Copy Cat

graham loves faces! he loves touching and feeling AND PINCHING AND PULLING all over faces. he also loves to mimic what chad and i do with our faces. and i also think he has this camera figured out. i try so hard to catch him smiling and laughing but as soon as i bring the camera up in front of him he stops. and then i will put it down and he will start again. until i whip the camera out. smiles, laughter GONE. he's so funny!

forgot to tell you all that we have a teething baby. no fever or diaper rash. but LOTS of drooling, LOTS of sticking everything in his mouth. i wasn't too sure if he was teething at first but then Ms. Karen at daycare confirmed it. so today he has been a ball of fire, that's for sure! i have the teething tablets on hand as well as the cold rings and teething toys. think i may put my ear plugs in because i am sure to lose my hearing with the shrieking. poor lil man.

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